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My interview with Joe Haj is now up on HowlRound.   Check it out!

We talk about diversity in artistic leadership in this country – and how might be able to start to achieve it.

Here’s a sound bite:
There is a glass ceiling problem, and until we acknowledge that and actively work to move the needle on this, we’re going to see more of the same. This is not a pipeline issue. These leaders are out there; if you think it’s a pipeline issue, you need to know more people.”

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Posted on July 19, 2012

Mobile Unit

Today I embark again on the Public Theater’s Mobile Unit – teaching Shakespeare’s RICHARD III at correction facilities and institutions through NY and NJ.  I could not be more excited to continue my year of RICHARD, or so it would seem, since I spent March teaching this powerful play for BAM.

I’m especially excited to re-visit the incredible folks I met on the last tour.  As Michelle Hensley beautifully sums up, there is little that is more rewarding than showing people who don’t often get it (or maybe have never have gotten it) respect – respect for their intelligence, their imagination and their life experience, and the power that they hold.  That “this is for you – you are in this.”

Check out the wonderful video the Public produced of last year’s adventure  —
Mobile Unit 2011: Measure for Measure

And, check out Ron Cephas Jones’ powerhouse performance as Richard this year —
Ron Cephas Jones, RICHARD III

Performances for the general public run August 6th – 25th.  Full details here!

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Posted on July 11, 2012