The Big Come

by Marz Mraz

The Rodey Theatre, The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

The Doctor has made his living performing groundbreaking sex change operations.  Now, his daughter-in-law, Mermy, wants him to revolutionize the medical field once more – transforming her from a Mermaid into a woman.  As the family struggles with the consequences of this decision, Hurricane Ted, the Doctor’s estranged and angry Centaur son arrives to claim what is his.  And, brings a natural disaster with him.  Greek mythology, New Mexican folklore and modern life collide in The Big Come.

Amy Baklini
Katy Bowen
Nicole Granlich
Brian Haney
Nathan Simpson
Chris Viens
Justin Young

Designed by:
Chris Sousa-Wynn (sets)
Anna Avery (costumes)
Luke Olsen(lights)
Bill Clark(sound)
Heidi Blicken (puppets)

Dramaturgy by:
Jane Ann  Crum

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