The Confidence Man

By Paul Toben, Inspired by the novel by Herman Melville
Co-directed with Stephen Brackett and Michael Silverstone

The Woodshed Collective, in association with The New York Historical Society and The Lilac, docked at Pier 43, NYC

In a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style theatrical event, a ship full of rogues, hustlers, dames and innocents make their way up the Hudson.

Ben Beckley
Pepper Binkley
Rusty Buehler
Eric Clem
Juliette Cohen
Dan Cozzens
Danny Deferarri
Christopher Gliege
Lara Gold
Mallory Portnoy

Designed by:
Jessica Pabst (costumes)
Daniel Zimmerman (set)
Zak Tinkleman (lights)
Brandon Walcott (sound)

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