425D’s First Short Film

Help! Watch 425D’s short film and win us Free Space!
Simply click here, watch our submission to the end and you bring us one step closer to winning free rehearsal space at Space on White. Be entertained and inspired, all for a good cause.

Full details on the contest are below.
What is 425D? Watch our film to find out!

425D: Space on White
a commission by Jordan Seavey
directed by Stephen Brackett, Lauren Keating, Niegel Smith and Awoye Timpo
featuring: Jocelyn Bio as Niegel, Stephanie Dimaggio as Lauren, Lucas Kavner as Stephen and Bonna Tek & Margo Hammond as Awoye

Many thanks!


Space on White is a socially conscious space for artists located in Tribeca, New York City. Artists or organizations can rent out studios that cater to acting, music, and dance rehearsal. Our great energy and environment encourages collaboration and growth for artists and their audiences. The open, spacious designs of the spaces act as blank canvases that are committed to the artist first and foremost.

What would you do with Space on White as your blank canvas?

Submit a 4 minute video answering this prompt, and submit by April 13th. Viewing contest ends April 29th.


80 hours of FREE SPACE — $2,000 value — at Space on White!
Featured on the residents page of our website
2 comps for all Space on White Events
Links on the Space on White Facebook Page
Featured in the Space on White Newsletter
Discount on rentals for company members
Event posting on SoW Calendar
Bi-Monthly Company Meetings

50 hours of FREE SPACE at Space on White

Space on White wants to be your blank canvas!!!

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