Tonight: New Work Throw Down!

New Georges Perform-A-Thon

A day mix-up, mash-up collaboration,
brought to you by happy hour!

My time slot is 6 – 7pm, hosted by New Georges AD Susan Bernfield. Should be an exciting, refreshing day after a long week. I’m very much looking forward to it!

Saturday September 26
5 to 9pm
at The Room/New Georges
520 8th Avenue, Ste. 326 (between 36/37th streets)

Who’s THON-ing?? Well, so far there’s:
Alice Reagan, Andrea Lepcio, Anna Ziegler, Ari Laura Kreith,
Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Barbara Cassidy, Caridad Svich,
Crystal Skillman, Daniella Topol, Emily DeVoti, Erica Gould,
Gretchen Michelfeld, Heidi Handelsman, Jennifer Gibbs, Jennifer Kagan,
Julie Kramer , Katherine Kovner, Kathryn Walat, Kay Matschullat,
Lauren Keating, Lear deBessonet, Lucy Alibar, Lucy Thurber,
Mallory Catlett, Maryna Harrison, Michele Aldin, Miriam Weiner,
Peggy Stafford, Robin Rice Lichtig

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