Summer of Shakespeare

Since Fly-By-Night, I’ve been devoting myself almost exclusively to Shakespeare. My days are spent teaching high school students through the Public Theater’s Shakespeare Initiative. Below is a photo of their final performance, the Emilia/Paulina scene.

My nights are spent rehearsing Comedie of Errors, which will perform in McCarren, Riverside and Central Parks in July and August. It’s been amazing and exhausting and fun. Hopefully, I’ll get to share Comedie of Errors with you! Below is a picture of Joyce (Dromia of Ephesus) and our first audience, a group of kids who were playing soccer until we started rehearsing. They sat down mid-game and started to watch! It was a very magical rehearsal.

Also, check out our website for up-to-date info, performance details and how to donate (there are prizes!)

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