Spring update!

I’m tackling a slew of new projects these days, and loving the extra hours of daylight!  We’re starting King Lear at BAM, and I am currently developing the lesson plan that I’ll bring to high schools through out the five boroughs.  Many I will have visited in the Winter, and it will be nice to seem some familiar faces.

And speaking of familiar faces, I’m spending time in Princeton, New Jersey these days at The McCarter Theater.  I’m directing my adaptation of Mary Zimmerman’s The Metamorphoses, mixed with some Ovid, for their Education Department.  The show runs in mid-May and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be directing and teaching at the theater where I grew up.

I’m also continuing to mentor BFA candidate directing majors for NYU, and teach with The Public Theater.

In unrelated news, I am going to so many weddings this year!  Hooray for love!  Weddings are incredible for many reasons, but the most fascinating one to me is this:  Weddings are theatrical events.  They are creative productions planned and produced and conceived by people who may or may not have ever participated in a specifically ‘theatrical’ event in their lives.  And here they are, creating an event that in the personification (eventification?) of their lives, and is presented to their most favorite humans to share in.  How magical!

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