Perform-A-Thon 2.0

It’s that time of year again – for the New Georges 2nd Annual Perform-A-Thon.  It was such chaotic fun last year, and I can’t wait to do it again!  Look below for the where/when/why and how to sponsor me.  The most-sponsored artist wins three days of free rehearsal space – and “most-sponsored” means people, not dollars.  So, if you’ve got a dollar to throw my way, you know it’s a tax-deductible dollar well spent!

THON 2010!

the 2nd annual (reimagined)

New Georges Perform-a-thon

a day-long mix ‘n match creative adventure & party

IN WHICH we assign playwrights, directors & others to collaborations which create short theatrical spectacles on the day of the event

TO SUPPORT The Room, New Georges’ workspace for women theater artists, and the artists who work there

Saturday October 2
5 to 9pm

performance sets start every hour on the hour!
party ALL the time!

free admission when you sponsor an artist!
sponsor an artist & support The Room even if you can’t come!
just go here, pick your artist(s), and sponsor away:


just 10 bucks at the door!

at The Room/New Georges
520 8th Avenue, Third Floor (between 36/37th streets)

what’s a THON?
hit, scroll around till you see “current events,” and read the whole story!

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